Inspiring story of Pranay Chulet – Quikr founder

Pranay Chulet Quikr has many ups and downs and it was not easy for him before quikr was introduced no one has ever taken online classifieds seriously and that too never thought giving it for free would fetch of millions. Time has changed way you look at classifieds and the way you publish them by paying hefty amounts to newspapers.

Pranay Chulet, with his new age thinking and talent started Quikr which is now the largest online and mobile classifieds portal in India. Quikr offers you the convenience of selling or advertising within minutes all while sitting in home. The special thing is within minutes your classifieds appears in site and that too without any charge. All you need is a mobile or laptop to click a picture and post your ad.

Today quikr became a household name and is a very popular site among people. Whose full credit goes to pranay chulet, who started qukir with an aim of providing online platform for offline transactions to buyers and sellers.

Pranay chulet has taken birth in a small town of Rajasthan, his father is a government employee and mother domestic helper. He studied chemical engineering in IIT Delhi and MBA in IIM Kolkata. After his education, he is placed in Procter & Gamble but soon changed his base to other organizations. In the year 2000, he started his first venture reference check and later merged it with an incubator company walker digital.

Pranay Chulet Quikr

After serving at various positions in many different MNC’S he started another company in 2007 about web-based educational products. But it didn’t last long and ran only for a year. While in 2007  when he is working for a gaming project in the US he took the help of craigslist which gave him the idea to create such a site for India.

Later in 2008, he started quikr and shortly it became very popular, but all is not well at the start. The majority of Indian users didn’t trust online shopping. So, they started promoting through google ads, TV and mass media. Which helped them to get more than 11 million users within a couple of months. Now quikr has its base in more than 900 Indian cities because of which it receives more than 30 million users monthly.

Pranay Chulet sensed that a market with many players is different than a market with noise. He believed everyone can create a website but not everyone has it to build a classifieds site. According to him, quikr is clearer, better and faster it provides better response and experience just like the name offering people a quicker environment to transact.

Now Pranay Chulet Quikr has launched its real estate service which connects Business to customers and customers to customers as well. At the moment quikr homes have close to 3 million listings and most of them are apartment rentals. Quikr is also planning to launch more micro-sites under separate domains to simplify business for its users. 

But the high-point of Pranay Chulet Quikr, unlike the rest was that it had a definite revenue model in place. The company would make money from three verticals – premium listings, lead generation, and advertising.

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